1 weekend, 3 events, many happy people

The weekend started on Friday night with the 5th installment of a 6 week ballroom dancing class. Those who thought they couldn’t do it are now growing in confidence with each passing week. Will anyone be on Dancing With The Stars next season? Well, no. However, it’s not all about the dancing. It’s about spending time with your dancing partner. For 10 couples, Friday night has been date night for several weeks. In a different way than they have ever experienced, Friday night means laughing at your mistakes and enjoying the company of each other while holding on to each other. They’re already talking about when the next set of classes will be. (Some are hoping for a little Latin heat!)

When the dancing was over, it was time for a wedding rehearsal. Not just any wedding rehearsal. This was a couple who had known each other for many years. This was about a first time wedding planner pulling together all the details that are involved with the big day, all while her husband was on catering duty. Valerie and Mark were ready to make their love official. There were kids running around, bridesmaids and groomsmen getting into place, an officiant thrown into duty, father of the bride with a walker- determined to walk the bride down the aisle, and the wedding planner overseeing it all.

Saturday morning the big day has arrived. Setup begins as the food is already smoking on the grill. Decorations are falling into place, the photographer is here to document it all, and the first time wedding planner is full of nerves. Later, the bridal party arrives. The men looked great in their sea green(?) vests and ties. They looked almost as good as the little boys who donned the same attire. The bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done and looked good enough to take to a wedding! 🙂 The bride was stunning in a silver dress. As all of the final touches were made for the ceremony, Mark is getting nervous. Finally Mark and the officiant are in place. Here comes the bridal party beginning with the lovely mother of the bride. As Valerie prepares to make her entrance, Mark is trying to not get emotional. Here she comes! Mark has to close his eyes for a brief second to gain his composure. She’s beautiful. They’ve been waiting for this moment for some time! Finally they kiss and jump the broom. Now the music and dancing begin. The food was outstanding and the day was one they won’t forget.

Sunday morning was upon us after a quick turn-around from Saturday night. Today’s event: a 90th birthday party for a beloved mother. Family from all over the country have flocked to Lawrence Plantation to pay tribute to the one who started it all. Some flew in, some drove from New York. The party was a success from the word go. Great music and decorations, homemade latino dishes, and folks dressed in their finest. It was all smiles from the guest of honor, as she begins to make preparations for her 100th birthday party in a mere 10 years!

It was also the unofficial end of the pool season. With temperatures forecast to drop and rain adding to the problem, members flocked to the pool one last time over the weekend. One guest posted on facebook about how hard it was to leave the pool today. Already looking forward to May. We had a great summer, thanks to our members.


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