Fitness Center

Lawrence Plantation’s fully equipped fitness center gives members a space to keep in shape. The fitness center offers men’s and women’s shower and changing facilities, free weights, machines, cardio, and more. A gym membership includes access to an indoor turf field and cardio machines. Impact Athletic Performance is now leasing our gym. You can join the gym separate from anything else by contacting Chad Reid at 706-331-8767. You may still use the gym/fitness center as part of your full membership!*

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Gym Only Memberships

Membership: offers 24 hour access to our fitness facilities, which includes an indoor turf field, free weights, various equipment and cardio machines- plus men and women’s showers.

Membership           (Monthly)            (Yearly)      (W/ Pool)fitness center, gym, workout

Individual:                $25                       $250              $400

Couple:                       $49                       $500              $850

Family:                       $65                       $650              $1,200


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