Fitness Center

Lawrence Plantation’s fully equipped fitness center gives members a space to keep in shape. The fitness center offers men’s and women’s shower and changing facilities, free weights, machines, cardio, and more. A gym membership includes access to an indoor turf field and cardio machines. Consider attending one of our upcoming boot camps!*

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Gym Only Memberships

Membership: offers 24 hour access to our fitness facilities, which includes an indoor turf field, free weights, various equipment and cardio machines- plus men and women’s showers.

Membership           (Monthly)            (Yearly)      (W/ Pool)fitness center, gym, workout

Individual:                $25                       $250              $400

Couple:                       $49                       $500              $850

Family:                       $65                       $650              $1,200


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Try us for three days free!


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